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"You Say; I Say"

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"You say, I say"








#1. You say that your God has made your life the darkest, the bleakest. You tell Me how much your friends enjoy the outside, the sun-shine, and the limelight. You complain as if I have singled you out for the life of the shadows, of isolation. You say your life is that endless sorrow and deprivation. You decry what you have lost over the years; you continuously lament what have lost by while I have confined to a life of the dark places, a life of solitude.


But I say, see and take your lesson from the photographer. When he intends to take an accurate and good picture, he spends a very long time focusing and arranging. He likes to make sure that the focus and the light exposure at the end gives him the darkest negative he can get. He knows that the darker the negative, the better the picture would be. Next, he has to spend long hours in the dark-room, processing and developing his negative. He will work long hours to get a beautiful, striking picture that will impress and astound onlookers. Likewise, as the Divine photographer, I am taking your picture, focusing and arranging various positions and situations. I am taking My time in developing your image in My dark room. Since I have decided to impress My Image on you, it will take Me a quite long time to fully form and develop. 


Yes, I have made your life the darkest. Yes, I have subjected you to unexpected positions and put you in hard situations. You have been long sitting in the darkest surroundings while only My Light has been allowed to shine on you. Because I want to form the sharpest and most clear Image of My Face formed in you -- because I want a stunning copy of Me to emerge out of you -- I have kept you in the dark room for long. Yes, I have subjected you to an exacting process because I do not want My Image to come with any flaw or blemish. But know this – a time will come when I will release My Image into the world and the whole world will wonder from the excellent work I have done. So, this life you so lament about, it is Divine photography in process.  Just wait until the day I release my express image (Heb. 1: 1-2).




#2. You tell me that your life is full of tension, knowing no relief, no relaxation. You complain that you are stretched to the limit, to a breaking point beyond what you can endure or withstand. You cry day and night, saying that you are much drawn backward and have made little progress. You complain that you are made to wait for too long and never delivered.


But I say to you see and take your lesson from the master archer. Study his art how he crafts his bow diligently. Study how he carefully selects and forges his arrows. Does not he select the tree branch that will give him the best bow and arrows? Does he not spend long time to shape his instrument of war? Does not he forge his arrows to ensure for strength, flexibility? Will not he craft them so that they will never veer off course once he shoots them?


Even when he is ready to shoot, does the archer rush himself? Does he not pull the bow backward the outmost when he wants the arrow to go the furthest? Does he not spend long time aiming, calculating? What archer wants to waste the arrow he labored over for so long time? Therefore, he takes his time at aiming at the target; he wants to make sure his shot is a deadly shot (Psalm 45).


I, your God, is a master-archer. I carefully select my arrows, and taking My time forge them and craft them. Therefore, I say bear with Me as I prepare you as My bow and arrows. Remain quiet and patient as I’ve planned to use you for My long-range no-miss purpose. I want to deploy you as my deadly weapon against the enemy.


I know to be drawn backward is painful. To be taut and in tension for so long is testing. To be waiting for so long to be released is daunting. Still I will draw you taking My time. I will draw my bow carefully and patiently as I am determined to take down the enemy with just one shot. Once I have released you from my bow, you will fly straight to the target; you will never veer off-course. When the world sees how My Arrow has pierced the Darkness, they will give Me praise to My Name, saying: What a master-archer God is! (Zech. 9.13).



#3. You say that I have dug deep in your life, until you feel hollow and empty. You cry that I have excavated – removed much from your life - beyond your endurance. You say, "God is a relentless and remorseless excavator; He never takes a break in hollowing out my life." Then you ask: why is God turning my life into a hollow, dug-up place, an abyss so deep that is hard to see the bottom?


But your God says: Go My child and take your lesson from the architect, from the construction man. Look and learn from his practice — what he does depends on what he intends to achieve. When he plans to erect a magnificent building, a building that rises high, that can stand tremors and surging winds, a building that can endure for years – look how he digs deep and wide to ensure a solid foundation. Because he knows and understands that a building is as good as its foundation, he brings extra precaution into his practice.


Likewise, I have too to dig deep and wide in your life - for some many years - for a good reason. First, I must take out all the debris and rubbish that have filled your life. I cannot start to build before I get to the rock-bottom of your life. It is only from a solid rock foundation that I can raise My New Temple in your life. The new foundation I lay in your life, it must be solid and stable. The pillars and columns I raise must go deep into the ground; as I intend them to be enduring.


This Temple I am building, no whirlwind no storm can overthrow. This Temple My hand is fashioning, the gates of hell cannot prevail over. When the earth shakes under it, the storms pour over it, the tornadoes whirl by it, or the fires rage wildly around it, My Temple will stand unscathed. This is what I am up to doing in your life. When I hollow you, excavate you, and make a deep hole in you, know what I am up to something grand and enduring in your life. I am building my high-rise temple in you, a temple with solid foundations; a temple of immense grandeur. (1 kgs. 5 –7)




#4. You tell me that I have made you the last of your fellows, that I have made you the man at the bottom of the heap. You lament your life saying you’re always the last person in the line, the hind-most of part of the march of your fellows. You say everyone is ahead of you, and you are always the last and the least. You say that I have placed you there because I do not love you; or that I don’t want honor to ever be part of your life.


I say learn this lesson from the drill grounds, from the drill master sergeant. Look how when he gives the command to march, everyone starts moving forward in rhythm. Those who are in the front will lead the pack; those in the last row will bring up the rear. No chaos, but complete order. But when the first row reaches a well-marked place or approaches a wall, look how the drill master gives the order, “Turn Right About, March!” Then everyone turns right, facing the opposite direction and starts marching back to the place where they have started in the first place. Now the last row becomes the leading row; the first row now brings up the rear. Note how roles and places reverse once they reach a certain point, and when the commander gives an order.


As with this drill master, so do I. I, your God, am the Lord of Hosts. As Commander in Chief, I have My march formation on earth. Of My free will, I have determined who is in the first, middle and last lines of the march. I had decided that the children of this world should lead the pack, therefore, the march of humanity, its progress and advancement for so many years now, have been under their leading. At the same time, I have let My chosen ones to be at rear, in the tail of the march. Theirs is not a place of esteem, of honor as you see. But look - the march of humanity, it has finally reached its destination, a marked end. They cannot keep marching, so far away from Me.


It is Time to reverse direction, the march of humanity. Soon, I will utter My command and it will resound all over the earth: “Right About Turn, March!” Then the last will be first, and the first will be last. You who have been at end of the march, relegated to the backside, you who have been complaining to have been left at the rear; it will be your turn now to lead the procession. Soon you will be leading humanity in the opposite direction - the parade back to God. In full glory – heads up and chests pushed out – as people cheer and clap in your honor – you will lead humanity back to Me. In that day, you will sing for joy – “truly God has kept the best for the last.” (Is 60:22; Matt. 20: 16; 1 Cor. 1: 26 – 30; 4: 8 – 13; Jn. 2:10 - 11)



#5. You tell me instead of increasing that I am always in the habit of decreasing your value. You say you are always being discounted, being diminished in standing and being constantly cut down. You say you are vanishing into insignificance, into zero, into oblivion in the eyes of the world.


I say My son learn My lesson. Go to NASA and learn from them how they launch their rockets to the highest reaches, to outer space. Before the launch, do not they count down, starting from 10 to zero? Is that to drive the rocket underground or to prepare to launch into the heavens? To the unlearned, to the stranger, such a counting does not make sense. Only to the learned and the knowledgeable that such a countdown builds the excitement and the anticipation for the rapture of the rocket from the launchpad. Therefore, I say take wisdom from NASA and be understanding of the wisdom of My counting down which has gone in your life for so many years. First, I must take you down to nothingness, before I lift you off in a blaze of glory to the heights. I will lift you up to the highest level -- in the sight of all the world -- as the fire of My glory comes out of all your sides. Be patient with Me as I count you down to the heights of glory.



#6. You tell me that your life does not make any sense, that it is hard to make heads or tails of your life. That you and others could not understand, or find any meaning or any purpose in what is underway in your life. You tell me how many astound because of the utter meaninglessness of your life, even how some wonder if you are in your right mind to lead such a life.


I want you to understand this lesson from the languages. Some scripts read from left to right, others right to left, and still others write and read up and down. If you try to read some script written from left-to-right in right-to-left direction it will read gibberish, and you will condemn the writing as some rubbish. The fault is not in the script, the fault is in your mindset. You try to understand everything the same way; you do not allow space for mystery and coding.


I have coded your life My way and nobody can decode My writing unless I enlighten his mind or give him My code book. My son this gibberish, nonsense, or the absurdity of your life is the most meaningful and the most purposeful life in My sight. I want you to understand and read your life from My perspective and not the human side




PTL 02/14/09



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