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A Light will suddenly appear from heaven

like a bolt of lightning out of a clear sky

flashing and exploding in the world's midst

        catching many off-guard.


A great Light shall burst in their midst

It will swirl like a tumbling laser sword

crisscrossing the earth like a searchlight.


For many, It will come to probe

Searching the recesses of life

Many will run away from it

But cannot escape; cannot hide.


Many will make a fig leaf,

To cover up their evil deeds

But the fig leaf will wither away

Leave them naked and exposed

Before the eyes of Heaven's Light.


The Light will clear smokescreens

Of the fog of lies, of the subterfuges

So that truth will emerge, and

Justice will triumph, 



Every crime forgotten for passage of time

Every crime unsolved for lack of clue

Every crime inflicted on the weak

These shall be exposed by the Light

   and avenged by its arm.


Those who said:

"We've committed the perfect crime.

Who shall find us out?"

Shall be identified, judged by the Light. [1]



The brilliance of Heaven's Light

shall blind the seers of this world.


Those who claimed to see,

They'll lose their sight

They'll stumble in the dark

They'll cry out to the Light.

The 'babes' they've decried

    will take them by the hand

    to lead them out, to the Light

Those whom they've considered

         'without sight'

Shall be their sight, their  load-stars. 



For the shepherds of God's flock,

Who tend His sheep by day and night

To them the Light shall break forth

To lift up their gloom, the darkness.


They shall have a song as in the night

as when a holy assembly is kept

with joy, gladness of heart,

as when ones goes with a flute

to come into the mountain of the Lord,

to the Mighty One of Israel.


To God's oppressed and hurting people,

the Light will come as a deliverer--

To those who trust in God,

But walk bowed in darkness,


The Light will come to break the yoke

It'll will come as a Deliverer

To smash the teeth of the tyrant

To rush the power of its arm.


God's people, delivered from pain

      released from sorrow

They'll leap for gladness of heart

     and shout for deliverance.



“The Light will shine in the darkness,

and the darkness will comprehended it not.”



Scripture: Jn. 1:5; 1 Cor. 2; Is. 26:21, 29: 18, 30: 29, 42:16; 1 Cor. 4:5


[1] "Every murder, however secret, will be brought to light, and every murderer, however unsuspected previously, denounced and punished." (Pulpit Commentary Isaiah 26:10)




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