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Who Has Given Up On You



I see to many people give up on something, Relationships, Children, Friends , going to church for what may feel like good reasons.Why do we give up to soon on what we are striving for. I am happy to say I know someone who will Never Give Up On You. No matter what happens in your life all you have to do is call his name. Yes I am refering to Jesus. Look in his word and you will see he will never leave you or forsake you. He wants to be your best friend. So when you feel sad, feel unloved or any doneness in you life start talking to Jesus he is waiting for you to talk to him.

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I admit that I have just about given up on some people in my life. However, that does not mean that I hold anger of them or not forgiven them.  I still pray for them and I know that God can mend any relationship so I keep that door open. I know Jesus has forgiven me and gives me chance after chance, so I try to do that same in return to others. 

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