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God Has A Plan



God has a plain for you! Yes he does! Even if you don't see it.You may want to serve him in a area (but) that area doesn't seem to be opening up for you. Don't get discouraged? Don't Give Up? God has you right were he wants you. It could be just being an encourager, or just someone who gives of themselves.Give in areas you are already doing. I know for me I have many different things I would love to do .The fact is I have to submit and just do what I am doing already thanking God along the way for what I can do for him.God does open doors and shuts them. I know for me is I got to pray more about the things I won't to do. They may be just desires of our own heart that ok .God will not pass you by for that. I trust God with everything in my life. I thank God for what I can do knowing that what he has in my tomorrows may change.Trust God and Never Give Up on him .Doors will open for you to spread what he has done for you. He will never disappoint you. Enjoy what God has for you, you may have that something special God gave you to reach someone no other has.



That to me is what makes us special and could makes the difference in each person we meet.




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God has a plan and a purpose for us all. Sometimes we have to pray and wait for the Lord to work in our lives. That may even turn into an unanswered prayer, but that in itself is a blessing too. God knows better than we do.  

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