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Two faces

Two Faces

by Beyonca Smith

Some of us bare two faces; meaning we walk side by side with evil and good

Matthew 12:34 Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

Meaning; the heart is deceived by evil and replace by good

People with two faces, are actively heard, surrounded by the persona that what they speak;

Is in fact true, but man cannot deceive God,

For God,



We spend our whole life, doing what were told, follow this, do that and it has to be done a certain way. Stand out or you want make it! What about the people who lose everything, everyday, today. There's no doorway to go through, its hard. Were racing for time. I didn't finish school, its something I live with everyday, its a soft reminder that I didn't get right tools in life. But when you have gone done the path I went. You wouldn't have either, I lost 4 family members to cancer, back to back, anything that didn't help the situation had to go away. When I stare at myself, I get lost at the feeling of regret. I can do so much, I am only a vessel. I am not lost but sometimes I want more than the short stick, I pick out the basket. There's so much my boyfriend doesn't know about me, if he knew I know he'll accept me but will I ever accept me? Or will I ever be accepted by God himself?

I use have dreams that God showed me the future and they lasted weeks, GONE! Am I good enough?

sincerely, BitterSweet

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