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Preserved In Hard Battles & Big Macs

Once I was in a healthy meeting where a healthy lady taught us unhealthy slobs how to be healthy. Part of her convincing argument consisted of a slideshow presentation, probably stolen from You Tube, about hamburgers. It showed how a hamburger from a local diner held up for only a week after it was made.   It was sad. It lay there, basically a pile of mush. We found out this was good. No preservatives, you see.   Next she showed a McDonald’s hamburger that had been made,

David Porter

David Porter in God's help

The Untouchable Subject

This article is rated MB for Mature Believers.  The subject presented is known as the pastor’s “holy grail.”  It is a subject that is presented without any attempt to challenge its Biblical authenticity.  The reader reads this blog forewarned that its content may raise his mental temperature to the “danger” point.   Money has always played an important role in the organized church.  The pulpit has been the platform from which tithing has been kept alive from the giving of the Law throu

Rest Echoes

(after reading Proverbs 10:16-17) The just leans to life in ev’ry work, word and wish. Follow in his wake! The careless crumbles, yet repentance makes new bricks. Pavement shows his heart. “Obey” is mouthing the Lord’s Word within the walk. Works pause, rest echoes.  


Ragamuffin_John in Poetry

This Year

(Pondering Hebrews 9:11 and 9:14)* This year, the browning of falling leaves brightens more, the lawn, pumpkin-spiced.   This year, dependence feels more freeing in this trust. Regrets dry, grace drops.   This year, shedding limbs are more harbingers of good than of avalanche.   This year, Advent shines, dispensing hope around sin, dancing through shadows.   If this year's foliage reminds of the good things


Ragamuffin_John in Poetry

Trying To Understand?

As I read the Scriptures, especially the Old Testament, I have a tendency to pause and wonder at some of the choices God has made.  I never question His actions, but my curiosity tends to try and understand His reasoning.  For example: why did God choose a ninety-nine year old man to be the Father of Nations?  Why did God choose to have his barren wife of ninety bear a child with whom He would establish an everlasting covenant?  Why did God chose an eighty year old stuttering shepherd to lead tw

The Blind Syndrome

Why is there such a preoccupation with the Lord’s return?  People are looking for Biblical signs that point to His second coming.  It seems we are more concerned with the “lift-off” than the lifting-up of our Faith during these difficult times.  Many of the Biblical signs of the Last Days have continued to be promoted over the years by concerned Christians.  Generation after generation has sought a response to the continuing physical and spiritual attack against their country.  What seems to be

Set Apart by Love

(after reading Hebrews 7:26-27)   Jesus, set apart from sinners, by the love with which He touched us first, has now ascended as High Priest, although thoroughly acquainted with our fallenness, to be presented before Abba.   He who knew no sin knew us well, so much so that we jostled Him with questions the apostles lacked. As with Zacchaeus, He took us home and openly befriended.   The Master said the news of Him would go far, unto all

Great Is Thy Faithfulness!

What can you depend upon as you begin your day? Family? Friends? Job? Or, must you start your day lonely, with no human support facing your trials on your own?   “Pardon for sin and a peace that endures, thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide; Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside.”   Have these words from Thomas Chisholm ever echoed through your mind when things were going great? How about when things are bad?

Tom Scott

Tom Scott in Meditation

Your Wounds

God is way more capable to bind up the wounds then you could ever imagine.   Bring every pain you have and your brokenness to the Lord in prayer.   Then process your pain in the presence of the Lord.


Holyblues in Encouragement

We Will Arise

(after reading Psalm 20)   We will arise and stand up straight,* fly our flags of victory—shout the Name! Adonai has answered through Yeshua HaMashiach: on the third day, Glory; we follow by His right hand.**   Some trust in chariots, some in the power that pulls. We trust in the Blood that washes white as wool.^ Help beyond the mountains^^ comes from the sanctuary of the God of Jacob, His Spirit for the weary.+ __________  * Psalm 20:8

What Happened to Repentance?

One of the biggest cover-ups of the Christian Faith is the role repentance plays in the salvation experience.  Many churches “leapfrog” repentance and promote salvation by Faith.  They believe all one has to do is accept the finished work of Jesus (cross) and believe He rose from the dead (empty tomb) and they will be saved.  For years I have tried to understand why many confessed Christians are inconsistent in their walk of Faith.  How can they one day praise God and the next moment graze in th
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