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    • By Vio in 'Cause I like it...
      I was reading through 1 Corinthians the other day in my bible, and as I finished the book up, I asked myself a rather common question for bible reading:
      "What the heck does that mean?"
      I never noticed it before, but if you look in 1 Corinthians 16:22, you'll see this: "If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha." (KJV)
      What's that, you ask?
      Glad you asked.
      Anathema means "Cursed". Maranatha means something along the lines of "Our LORD is coming".
      This is basically saying that if someone is not saved, they will be cursed at the coming of the LORD. I don't have much of a commentary on this, but I just learned it, and thought I'd share it with you. always nice to learn.
    • By Zon Quewea in Zon Quewea
      A story was told about a little town. It was a town of a little more than 500 residents. It was a town where everyone knew each other. They were both religious but also social. In this town, was a big tree. So big enough that the branches provide a natural canopy. During a scorching sunny day, everyone gather to socialize under the tree- drinking, sometimes alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. As part of the social activities extra marital affairs are committed and gambling was also fully a part of the socialization. Less than a quarter of a mile away from this tree was a place of worship. Every Sunday people congregate to worship the Lord. But there were birds that were also apart of this population. They have their nest built in the ceilings of the Church building but they sometimes visit the big tree to enjoy the beauty of nature. Over time as the birds visit this tree, they witness a lot of fun activities of these men and women of the town. One Sunday, while asleep in their nest in morning, worship services started. Singing joyously to the Lord, many are on fire for the Lord. The birds began to observe and realize that the very people they saw under the tree are the same people in the church. Weeks after weeks, they birds could no longer hold their peace. As the preacher was preaching one day, in a chorus, the birds sounded, "these are the same people, these are the same people". This line was repeated several times that it caught the attention of the preacher. He paused to listen carefully. The birds won't stop. And the preacher decided to throw a question to the congregation. He asked: Brethren, are you hearing what I am hearing? That was not enough, he follow up. Do you understand what these birds are saying? A complete silence followed but the birds continue. Finally, there was one in the group of congregants with a contrite spirit. He answered, yes Preacher, we are living a double life.
      I wonder, if this story has any lesson for all of us today? I wonder political correctness among politicians in our society has given rise to religious correctness? I wonder, conforming to the things of this world has become a norm among us. I wonder...
    • By c taylor in cm taylor

      In my powder room reading this morning, the Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon (2 Chronicles 9). She’d been hearing all this stuff about King Solomon and finally decided to make the trip to check out the legend for herself. She loaded up the camels with spices, gems, gold and who knows what else and headed for Jerusalem.

                  Solomon received her graciously, gave her the key to the city and answered every question she had. By the end of her stay – with all she’d seen and been a party to – the wind had been knocked out of her sails. She was stunned. Breathless. The half had not been told to her.

                  Legend has it that she left town with more than the items with which King Solomon gifted her. She was also carrying his seed of which Haile Selassie was a descendant.

                  As I read the passage concerning her visit and her response to the magnificence of Solomon’s kingdom and his extravagant generosity to her, I couldn’t help but think of those times when God has answered the prayers of people I know with such exquisite grace, profound justice or with such unfathomable favor that they, like the Queen of Sheba were left … speechless. But their tears of gratitude spoke volumes. And I celebrated with them. May God pull a “King Solomon” on you today, and leave you ... breathless.

    • By Ragamuffin_John in Ragamusings
      (based on John 11:1-45; re:  the Lord Jesus raising up Lazarus.  Imagining Martha's reaction)
      We these past few days were quite devout;
      why didn't Jesus come quickly and shout,
      "Lazarus, my buddy, get out of your bed!"?
      The last shall be first; didn't that rate instead?
      Yet, Messiah took His sweet time to come 'round,
      knowing full well my brother slipped out.
      He tasted death and we witnessed with tears.
      Jesus reached outskirts in our painful hours.
      I told the Healer I know who he is;
      yet, he pointed out his now purposes.
      The moment my brother stepped out of the cave,
      eternal  took new meaning, hot coals on our heads.
      I stand by this cave whilst others rejoice
      down in the village where joy's eyes are so moist.
      The thrill through my spine--how higher than this?
      And in the street Jesus waves at me, like Healer, like kid. 
    • By Ruth0727 in Ruth0727's Blog
      John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
      If you are a student, what is your most favorite subject or topic to talk about? As we will see, most of the students are bored and just listening to their professor if it is accounting subjects or major subjects. But, when the professor pause for a while and talk about his love life or the love life of the other students, everybody became active and energetic, besides, everybody will take part in the discussion. This proves that many students, (not just students) teens or people, especially the singles are very much interested about “Love”.
      Everybody knows what love is, we even know how to love and to be loved. But does everybody know the greatest love that we can experience? This greatest love I am talking about is called selfless love. But do we really understand what selfless love is?
      Selfless love defines as loving without any attachment to an expectation in return! It simply means that whatever you do, you do it from your Heart. This comes purely from a place within you which has no preconceived expectation of acknowledgement, reciprocity or honor, in return. You just do it because you feel it!
      Most of the people or relationship failed because of being self-centered. They want all the best for their selves and when they gave, they are expecting too much in return and they are getting upset when they don’t acknowledge it. It’s, in fact, selfish – to expect anyone to respond to you the way you want them to base on what you do for them. Listed below are my 5 description of true selfless love.
      Selfless love is:
      1. Seeking the best for another person
      It is when we are thinking of what is best in the other person, rather than putting ourselves first, and one of the best examples of this is our parents. Our parent is giving us, not just what we wants, but what we need. They are providing all our needs and giving us good education for us to have a better future. They only want what is best for us. They want us to be a person that everybody will admire or be a person that God wants us to be.
      2. Doing what is right
      Selfless love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth (1 Corinthians 13:6). Even if we are against all odds or we may hurt the feeling of other people, we will never agree to what is wrong, but we will say what is true, do what is right, and live in the truth. We should not be a man pleaser, but, a pleaser of God.
      3. Expecting  nothing in return
      If you gave, you just gave. It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) If you give, do not expect anything in return, because it will lead you to disappointment if the other person doesn’t meet your expectation. “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8b)
      4. Showing people that you love them
      Can you make a man or woman believe that you love him or her without showing any effort? Without spending time nor communicating with them? When you love somebody, you don’t just tell them, but you demonstrate them. “Therefore show these men the proof of your love and the reason for our pride in you, so that the churches can see it. (2 Corinthians 8:24)
      5. Willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of other people
      Real love has a lot to do with sacrifice. There are several Greek forms of love, but the highest form is Agape love – love that is defined and driven by self-sacrifice. A love that is willing to do everything, even to lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13) Jesus showed us the best example of selfless love, when He sacrificed Himself and died on the cross just to save us from eternal death. (John 3:16) His example of love for us is beyond compare.
      When it comes to love, the most important thing we need to remember is this: All love starts with God, (1 John 4:19) and apart from Him, none of us could really give a selfless love or be loved. (1 John 4:7-8)
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