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Noah's Ark Photo;Did It Appear /1943 Tunisian Stars/Stripes Newspaper?

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Sometime from 1943-1945, nearing the end of WWII, aviators were supposed to have flown over Greater Mt. Ararat located in far northeastern Turkey. As they flew over it was reported that they noticed something out of place on the mountain and very strange . They reported that :" they had seen the very ancient ruins of something that looked constructed, about 3/4 the way up the NE side of Greater Mt. Ararat . However, they described that what they saw looked more like "a house",than anything else. But, gave a much detailed description that this ancient constructed house like object resembled much more closely the Noah's Ark vessel measurements descriptions recorded in Genesis. The first book in The Bible" .

Not long after this, and in just a few years after WW II a very unusual story developed about this possible event. Supposedly, one of the photographs supposedly taken by these aviators who flew over Mt. Ararat and saw possibly the ark remains, was obtained exclusively by a newspaper entitled :"Stars and Stripes Newspaper magazines". Which was a military combination newspaper/ magazine. That was designed for those serving in WWII and their families. However, which was only supposed to be temporary in publication at first.

Subsequently, supposedly, the photo showing the ark's remains was published sometime during 1943, and made the front page of Stars and Stripes newspapers. Along with an article describing the photo and the supposed event in much detail. Of course many years went by , and in time the photo of the ark's remains , and newspaper article it was supposedly published in was never seen again.Over 25 years went by , before the initial interest into what ever happened to this supposed photo and article . It was not until about the late 1960's that the search for Noah's Ark remains became it seemed a yearly endeavor to find especially upon Greater Mt. Ararat. However, not without numerous uncontrollable problems to accomplish such an event.

It was during this time that many persons /organizations started to take a much more serious and deeper look. Into the real possibility as to weather or not , that maybe there was still even a remote chance. That maybe the ark's remains could exit on Greater Mt. Ararat. or other mountains also in the Ararat mountain range.

Those looking for the ark's remains, and the interest in trying to find the ark remains grew in numbers. However, along with this growth also developed the desperate need to find any and all information, that could be found to find the ark's remains. It was about this time that the story we are re investigating here began to take on legendary status. So much to the point to where to find this photo and newspaper article that was supposed to have appeared in Stars and Stripes newspaper in 1943 may have become an obsession with some. However, why was this particular photo and article so important ?

Those of you who read this may or may not know, the attitudes about the search for Noah's Ark's remains that started to begin around that time Starting in the late 1960's. Especially , the hard facts, that up to that time a number of late 19th-20th century Noah's Ark stories had developed during the years that left the hunt for the remains of Noah's Ark to be seen by the general public as maybe more desperate then ever recognized /realized before. Why ? Because what has not been known by a number of persons is that during all this time the numerous stories told about the search for Noah's Ark, each and every one of them had a number of similar consistencies

to them.

That seemed to be a very strong indicator that something unusual was amiss in trying to find the ark remains. That this became a mystique to the human spirit/motivations . Something deeply intriguing the human need to know if such a thing could be true or not. Like what ?

#1).- That from the middle 19th century-the mid-20th century that photos had been taken of the ark's remains.

#2).-That data had been collected where the ark's remains were at.

#3).-That in all cases and situations the photos and data mysteriously disappeared , never to be found again by anyone. Even up to the publishing of this article.

Such circumstances , only heightened the mystique of all of this.Over the years there are a legitimate and very sound number of uncontrollable reasons why some information about the ark could not be attained. The reasons this author speaks of were out of the control of those trying to find such data.Which are too many to mention in just this article. However, we have touched upon one of these uncontrollable events. That is that in many of these cases the data that in currently known is "usually vague-very vague".

Than if this is the case why? The best description that this author can give as to why this seems to be such a re occurring problem all of the time, can best be described in the following analogy/illustration.

Think of the over all situation in trying to look for such like mysterious long past data and evidence like :"A 100 Piece Picture Puzzle".Let us say that this 100 piece picture puzzle is compared to known and unknown lost history. That in this history this 100 piece picture puzzle started right after the global flood. Sometime about 2400-B.C.That all of the history that has ever occurred relating to Noah's Ark in any way, form, or manner, is in this 100 piece picture puzzle of history occurring from about 2400-B.C. down to our day. Now the overall and main point to this illustration is that "if" we had all of the 100 pieces of this puzzle available , than to completely understand the overall picture would not be a problem to know where the ark remains would be today. Plus, there would be no need for me to write this article .

But sadly, such is not the case.In reality suppose we only have maybe at best only 30 pieces to this over all picture puzzle. Pertaining to knowledge about Noah's Ark, and especially where the possible current exiting remains may or may not be. Now looking at this from this illustrative perspective should be able to help just about anyone understand that with only 30 pieces of the picture puzzle available why it is so hard to try to find where the remains of Noah's Ark may or may not be today.However, hopefully the publishing of this article and others to soon follow may help find more and more of those "picture puzzle missing pieces". In order to help put more and more of the :'Noah's Ark remains picture puzzle together". So maybe it will help show where the ark is truly at.

However, in this article we are presently concerned and interested in just this one situation for now. Pertaining to this mysterious Noah's Ark remains photo, and article that was supposed to have appeared , the main problem in trying to locate that supposed photo and article was very hard to try to find. Why ? Mainly because the available known data was so vague. In what way ?

The month and even year of when exactly this photo and article was supposed to have appeared was not even known. Anyone interested in trying to find it was going to take on a task of like trying to find a proverbial "needle not just in one haystack, but rather 10 of them instead".But, in about the mid 1980's-early 1990's someone suggested that they may have heard that this photo and article had maybe appeared in :"The Tunisian Edition"; of Stars and Stripes Military Newspaper/Magazine. However, despite the long now passed years since that was supposed to have happened, those interested in trying to find the remains of Noah's Ark upon Greater Mt. Ararat or one of the mountains of the Ararat mountain range have searched diligently for such a photo, article, in such a magazine to no avail.

Therefore, such questions like;" Did such a photo and article even exit" ? Or was this just a made up story ? How about; " If this story does have some truth to it" what is the real truth behind this 20th century Noah's Ark legend ?

What many people do not know is that ever since the USA Stars and Stripes magazine first heard of this story that they had published some sort of mysterious photo of Noah's Ark and a story in their newspaper, that through the years on a yearly basis they have been contacted by persons asking for such information.That has now been going on for about 50 years now. Every year they patiently and meticulously have looked.However, believe it or not all of these years although there have been persons who have contacted them wanting such like information some wanting more , and some wanting less. [1]-The answer from the Stars and Stripes newspaper has been the same:"They do not have a mysterious photo of the remains of Noah's Ark, nor was there ever an article published between 1943-1945 about World War II aviators seeing a very ancient constructed house like looking ship like object on Mt. Ararat either or any other mountain in the Ararat mountain range for that matter."

There are those of you reading this article may ask:"How do you the author of this article know all of these things"? Because it it like the saying goes:"I've been there, I've done that". How? I have researched this particular subject much more, and much deeper than most researchers have in the past , regarding this mystery. I have tried to search into areas others have not thought about. Or have asked questions, not asked before. Sometimes this is the only way to dig deeper in being able to really get to what is really more of the truth, and what is not. I spent over 18 months looking into this mystery, and have been able to find I feel and believe, at least maybe more of the truth than anyone has ever been able to find before.

First of all I researched The Library of Congress Periodicals and Newspapers sections exhaustively. There were no Noah's Ark photo or articles written especially during 1943-1945. Matter of fact, there were no Stars and Stripes articles written at all from the time World War II started about 1939-December, 31rst,1944.How can this be ?

[2-12]- Stars and Stripes newspaper and I had made numerous contacts with each other by email. I even searched the South Pacific areas and had their researchers also look into other Stars and Stripes records. That included other areas of the South Pacific, Algiers, Egypt, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere. None of these areas either had any record whatsoever of such a photo or story specifically like this being in their specific newspapers and magazines at no time ever.Most of all besides this, the first time any copy of the :"Stars and Stripes Newspaper/magazine" printed their very first edition ever, was not until January 1rst,1945. Their last edition that was ever published at all during WWII ended-April 20th, 1945. The newspaper was not going to be a permanent newspaper. It was originally meant just to serve service men at the end of WWII.[13-14].

So, does this mean that this story is just a made up story by someone who thought they may have seen such a story in about Noah's Ark and a subsequent photo ? No! There were a number of stories relating to Noah's Ark in a number of other newspapers during 1939-1945. But none of these were specifically in The Stars and Stripes Newspaper/magazine during this time period. The Stars and Stripes newspaper/magazine did not resume printing as a full bodied permanent newspaper again until early 1947.

This author now holds in his possession newspaper articles from that time period from 1939-1955 relating to Noah's Ark. It is clear to this author what the real truth is to all of this. It seems that by the evidence at hand that during WWII any article written about the remains of Noah's Ark was certainly eaten up by the masses. Maybe one of the strongest reasons was so that the turmoil of WWII taking place could seem be less in the minds and hearts of so many millions of individual, at that horrific time in human history. Most likely, such articles offered a ray of hope for the masses believing in God. Many who saw such articles in other newspapers other than Stars and Stripes certainly may have remembered this newspaper and the other many articles about Noah's Ark during this time, and the expeditions and the sort that were ensued to look for the ark's remains.

[15-16]-This author even has one-two articles from other newspapers that briefly mention " that in about 1945 some aviators did fly over Mt. Ararat and found ancient ruins of something constructed that looked more like a house, but referred it to looking like what could only be thought to be the remains of Noah's Ark on Greater Mt. Ararat".Combined with this and the fact that after 1947 , yes "Stars and Stripes newspapers", started at that point, around late 1947 onward, started printing a number of very interesting articles on Noah's Ark. Which lasted until about 1989 being their last article on the subject.

What is of specific interests in all of this that too now this author has every article ever published about Noah's Ark from Stars and Stripes magazine. It was especially in the articles that I have that where this mystery newspaper of a photo of Noah's Ark and an article of such could have derived. Because of a number of Stars and Stripes newspapers that were printed relating to Noah's Ark from about 1947-1955. Especially, that had a number of facts ,that when combined together, may have effected some persons into believing that a Noah's Ark photo and article were in one article only in Stars and Stripes newspaper, when clearly it was not.

Similar facts may have been spread through a number of Stars and Stripes articles.Since other newspapers articles at that time that were also indicating similar Noah's Ark stories and the such, this is where some of the confusion could have taken place. It may very well have been that a number of these stories got mixed up. Later becoming this mysterious newspaper photo of Noah's Ark and article. That many thought exited in only one newspaper published in a Stars and Stripes newspaper in 1943.

But, what are these facts ? Were there possible remains of Noah's Ark really seen by aviators in 1945 on Mt. Ararat ? What other facts about all of this pertaining to the possible remains of Noah's Ark could have caused such thinking? What is the deeper truth to all of this ?

All of this and much more will be answered in my next article entitled:"Noah's Ark Photo/Articles The Truth Behind The Stars and Stripes Newspaper articles" ? Part 2


[1]- The Library of Congress Periodicals and Newspapers Division Washington, D.C.

[2-12]-Emails sent to Library of Congress, Stars and Stripes Newspaper /Magazine Washington, D.C.;Stars and Stripes magazine Southern Pacific and Africa/Europe Editions

[13-14]- Emails and correspondences to Pictoria .com -(who has any and all photos ever published in any of the Stars and Stripes magazine ever used. NOTE-(Stars and Stripes Military newspapers did not publish a photo of the remains of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat or any other mountain. Nor was an article of Noah's Ark published with such a photo anytime during WWII, or after until 1952. Noah's Ark stories started to appear in this newspaper only a few at first starting in about 1947.The first photo published even relating to Noah's Ark was of the crevice , where supposedly Ferdnand Navarra claimed to have found a piece a wood in about 1955).

[15-16]-Salamanca Republican Press Newspaper articles dated August 9th, Aug. 31rst, 1947, and November 9th and 15th, 1949

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